Excursion to The Zoo of Novosibirsk

Excursion Category: 

  • Sightseeing

Description: The tour into the city zoological park will get you totally amazed! Located in a natural forest on the vast territory, and yet, it’s in a large metropolitan area, so in some unexpected way human unity with nature can be felt here.

During a visit to the Novosibirsk Zoo, you will admire the “show” being brought daily by polar bears to their visitors, laugh at the “quirks” of funny monkeys and orangutans, watch through the aquarium glass at the life of underwater inhabitants, visit the zoo terrarium, see very rare animals, such as the ’liger’ (a mixture of lion and tiger — only here!).

Amusement rides, cozy cafés, stalls with souvenirs are operating on the territory of the Novosibirsk zoological park for all its visitors.

Visiting Novosibirsk Zoo, you can spend a wonderfully vivid, memorable and informative day, accompanied by professional guides.

Duration of the tour — 1.5 h.